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Storytellers for Good.

Our team partners with bold changemakers to effectively frame their issue, mobilize action and amplify impact.

Why Tell Stories?

Storytelling is one of the most powerful and persuasive tools for change.

Humans Are Wired For Stories

Storytelling is more than art. Scientifically, our brains become more active when we tell stories.


Stories Help Audiences Feel

We work with clients to help them make connections that last with the people they need to engage first. The stories we develop together will leverage facts and feelings to reach the head and the heart.

Data Plays a Supporting Role

Brené Brown said it best: “Stories are data with a soul.” We translate complex research and make findings accessible by adding that soul – the emotion that makes facts impossible to forget.

Stories Emphasize Authenticity

The storyteller is as important as the story. We take the time to ensure that our clients and their ambassadors are equipped with the tools to make the story their own and tell it persuasively.

Good Stories Inspire Action

Our team works with a variety of organizations and campaigns to mobilize people on key issues, including immigration reform, financial security and public health.

How Do We Help Clients?

Communications Strategy Development

We take an integrated approach to communications. We don’t view branding, PR, advertising or social media strategy working in silos. We help clients gain clarity on their goals, audiences and calls to action.

Media Relations Support

Earned media not only brings awareness to your  issue or brand but also helps to build trust with your stakeholders.  We help you reach the right reporters at the right time with a clear message.

Audience Research

We help clients unpack their audience’s perceptions, values and needs.

Brand Positioning

We partner with clients to uncover their unique value proposition from research to insights. Underpinned by research, we develop a brand platform: brand values, an emotive brand story and a tagline.


Capacity Building

We offer trainings, tools and strategic counsel to help our clients augment their internal capacity.

Issues Management

Every crisis is an opportunity to tell your story and emerge stronger. We work closely with clients to prepare and move from response to recovery.

About KAH


A purpose-driven communications strategist, Kerry-Ann Hamilton has nearly two decades of experience in media relations, brand positioning, cause communications, crisis management and nonprofit engagement. She has partnered with local and global changemakers to build their communications capacity and tell stories that inspire action.

Kerry-Ann is the founder and principal counselor of the KAH Consulting Group. She brings multi-sector experience from her work in international development, journalism, higher education and cause communication. Kerry-Ann has led large and complex campaigns working closely with philanthropies, corporations, nonprofit leaders and community stakeholders.

She earned her Ph.D. in global communications from Howard University, a Master’s degree from the School of International Service at American University and a certificate in higher education leadership from Harvard University.

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KAH has partnered with a cross-section of philanthropic, nonprofit, corporate and educational institutions. She helps organizations uncover their authentic voice and tell stories of impact.

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